Fuel Filters

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Mar 23, 2004
Upstate, NY
Right now I have a Wix 33235 in mY Hyundai Accent. It's getting close to the next filter change, and I'm wondering about a filter called: Deutsch FF884 Anyone know about these filters or if they're any good? The store that sells these is a bit closer than the one that sells the wix filters.
Autozone's fuel filters are pretty good, after all, they are nothing more than reboxed Champ Labs filters. I've used them before, no problems to report.
Picked up the wix anyway. Went to Autozone, they were out of the deutsch filters. On a detour back to avoid some construction, I happened by a Napa. Got the wix filter. Made in S. Korea.
Should be every bit as good as the Deutsch. The last one I bought at Autozone was made in Israel, I would never have guessed they made filters there. Appeared to be a well made filter from what I could see.
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