fuel cleaner suggestions for plugged up bike carb

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Dec 5, 2007
panhandle of florida
I replaced the tank on my Kawi 250 about a month ago after the old one rusted out on the inside from neglect from the first owner. The bike sat for a few months while I found a new tank and since then it has had a hesitation at 50-60 mph at 8-9,000 rpm. I ran some seafoam initially and it helped some but it got worse after a while. So I've taken the carb off 3 times and the first time it improved slightly after cleaning it but after the second and third cleaning it has deteriorated. I just added a bottle of gumout carb and injector cleaner tonight and rode 50 miles and I've noticed an improvement. I'm looking for recommendations on what to use next to clean up the carb on my bike. Things I've done so far:

Changed out the inline fuel filter with the new tank
Put a new air cleaner on
Changed out a coil that had a damaged case
Cleaned carb 3 times including, used yamaha carb cleaner the first time around(and seafoam deep creep) and crc spray carb cleaner the second and third time
The bike is running great now after running a bottle of Gumout FI/Carb cleaner in the last tank of gas. I took a look at the msds of the FI/Carb cleaner and I was shocked to find that it is composed mainly of kerosene. I guess the old timers knew what they were doing.
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kerosene is the inexpensive carrier for the cleaning chemicals.

That has always been my point all along the way: liquid laundary detergent comes with over 70% water as a carrier but does that imply that by simply using water alone you'll be able to obtain the same cleaning effect as with detergent too?

Similarly: having kerosene as a carrier in most carb/EFI cleaner doesn't necessary imply that you can simply cheepen out by using kerosene as a cleaner itself.

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