Fuchs makes oem mercedes atf?

Nov 18, 2020
The Netherlands
4k miles ago i switched my bmw n52 engine to fuchs oil, somehow its pretty unknown in the aftermarket world eventhough it claims to be the biggest independent oil manufacturer.

One of the reasons was that in 20l jugs i can get the oil at around 5 euros a litre here in europe (for example shell usealy costs around 8 and mobil 10 11) . Still it claims to have mercedes, bmw ll04 and VW approvals. (not just recommendations)

At around 2:30 mark in the video you can see the grey mercedes benz 1L bottles, a couple of shots later you can see them being filled with red fluid, presumably atf.

On their website they show awards of being, Mercedes, VW and ZF supplier, anyone knows more about this and what they possible produce for these companies? From what i know the ZF6 lifeguard atf is made by shell but ofcourse zf produces much more drivetrain components in a wide range of sectors.

One of the things that keeps crossing my mind is how can they offer the oil at such a cheap price, is it because its cheap/low quality oil or is it because they produce so much oil that their price per liter can be very low:unsure:
Apr 25, 2017
Remember, just because they may make the OEM fluid, it doesn't mean their branded fluid is the same formulation. Other than doing a virgin analysis, no one can definitively say.
Apr 15, 2010
High volume = lower per unit cost.

The ATF may be for ZF commercial units or perhaps what you saw was aftermarket ATF for ZF units like Liqui Moly, Pentosin, Rowe, etc.


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Dec 13, 2019
Well known on MB forums that Fuchs has been factory fill in a number of MB cars and trucks. MB Bevo (official MB oil approval list) used to actually list Fuchs Titan GT1 as "First Fill for OM642" and it was shown as the oil that was present when cars were imported on the FTC docs.
As an aside, Mobil's website used to say Mobil 1 is "Factory Fill in some AMG models". Not all MB models. MB itself recommends Mobil 1. It used to recommend Shell and Shell is factory fill for some transmissions. Friend in UK tells me the dealerships are using Shell and Castrol oils.
No preference in the 3 MBs I've owned; I've used Mobil 1, Fuchs, Castrol (mostly), Amsoil and at one time even Delo in the old 240D putt putt.
Approval is Approval, price is king.

Edit: Fuchs owns Pentosin and is a supplier to the "Continental" and Vaico brands too.
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