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Jun 19, 2007
Morris County NJ
HOPATCONG, N.J. (AP) — A cable TV repairman got quite a surprise when he walked into the basement of a New Jersey home. There was a 500-pound bear sound asleep on the floor. The bear had been spotted wandering in the neighborhood in Hopatcong earlier Wednesday. It's not clear how it got into the home. The bear ambled out of the house before state Fish and Game officials arrived. The officials fired a tranquilizer dart at the animal, which walked a few blocks to the Missouri Trail before it was knocked out. Officials plan to relocate the bear. No one was injured.
Everybody has a beef with the cable guy. It's probably a Comcast area. Probably just another unhappy customer. LOL
Its good that they didn't kill the bear. My sister lives in central FL and they sometimes have bears sniffing around their neighborhood looking for food.
In August, there was a momma black bear and 2 of her cubs playing/wondering around in the backyard of a corner house (FULLY out in open view of the road) right at the base of my complex's street. The cops were there keeping the overly curious away. I guess the South Mountain and Watchung Reservations are getting too crowded and scarce for food sources??
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No secret that NJ has a bear problem.
There is a Chris Christie joke in here somewhere...
Nah, the bears are MUCH leaner, albeit slightly more hirsute. LOL
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