From Honda Technical Info - Low Friction

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Oct 4, 2005
"Low friction, a key component to producing more power, is achieved through the application of Molybdenum Di-Sulfide (MoS2) piston coatings and cylinder sleeve plateau honing. Plateau honing lowers the friction level between the pistons and the cylinders by creating an ultra smooth surface. Plateau honing is a two stage machining process that uses two grinding processes instead of the more conventional single honing process. This also enhances the long-term wear characteristics of the engine. A low friction ion plated piston ring further reduces friction. In addition low viscosity oil (5W-20) is used to reduce friction."
I've always appreciated an automaker's willingness to share technology points with its customer base. In contrast, trying to get information out of Hyundai is harder than pulling hens' teeth.
So is it possible that the high Moly in Honda's 'Super Secret Break-In Oil' is due to this coating wearing in?
IIRC, nissan was claiming the same info on their 3.5L engine when it first came out in 2001-2002 in the maxima. Nothing new here. But honda does do a lot of good stuff in advancing the technology of engine operation and building. JMH
Actually the original pistons in MB's vintage OM616/617 are moly coated ones from MAHLE Germany. Moly coating is old game.
Microfinishing and/or plateau honing are nothing new; most engine makers are doing it. Newer, computerized machinery and up to date tooling and honing tools are giving a smoother surface. That's why new cars for some time now don't require 'break-in'. That's if you believe the owners manual. But quicker break-iin is a fact and it's not exclusive with Honda or anyone else either. Some two stroke engine makers have been doing it for a long time.
One the of claims to fame of ball hones like those made by Brush Research is that they give a plateaued cylinder wall finish. People have been using them for years with excellent results.
Hyundai stated 1000 miles and the engine is good to go on the Sonata but don't go overboard as the transmission needs to break-in as well. Fuel economy seems to be getting better in the 3.3 V6 and it seems like it's getting more power.(I hardly drive it so take the power thing with a grain of salt). I would imagine they do the same thing maybe I can get the dealer to fill a sample bottle for me next time unless I get a pump by then. I'll send in a UOA.
I think Nissan's microfinishing is a gas-nitriting to harden the journal surfaces then an extremely fine, "micro" polish. I think they've been doing it since the Datsun days. At least for the race stuff. And I thought moly wasn't good for a break-in oil as the rings didn't seat as quickly?
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