From BC to GC - The Epic

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Sep 23, 2005
Parker, CO
Drained the BC 5w-40 from my VW 1.8T after a 6 month OCI. Filled her up with GC 0w-30. I did not expect much but, for this engine, it is a good choice. With the BC I consistently got valve train clatter on startup ... especially after a change. Now, I have none ... including the initial start after the change. Used the same filter, OEM, which leads me to believe the GC flows better when cold than the BC. Smooooooth stuff that GC. The epic continues ...
It's stupid not to do it when they are pretty much the same price. Yet another enlightened soul. Welcome to elf land. [Big Grin]
GC does flow better than BC when cold or hot (actually, any realistic temp). I've used both in my VW 1.8T. I like the BC (actually it's the new non-Belgian 5W-40) better overall since I get zero oil consumption with it but got some with GC during sustained high speed driving and oddly the mpg seems better too with the 5W-40. HOWEVER, GC made engine/turbo feel very peppy and startups were smoother, but above factors are more important to me.
I've got an update about my use of Syntec 5W-40 in my 1.8T. I checked the oil level last night and after about 4000 miles, the oil level on the dipstick is down almost 1/8 inch. So this oil seems to be getting burnt slightly faster than Gold GC did. I think this oil shears more in this engine than some other 5W-40's and that is why there was no consumption for several thousand miles and as it thinned, some consumption started occuring. The engine feels much peppier than it did earlier in the interval which also indicates significant viscosity loss. So I'm more Castrol for my engine...neither GC nor Syntec 5W-40. But good news: I just found some Liqui-Moly 0W-40 and 5W-40 at Advanced Autoparts of all places! Will be putting in one or the other...after I do some tests on them to decide on the winner.
I agree with that practice but am not sure that Syntec 5W-40 is Group 3. I'm not sure it's not either. I gave Syntec 5W-40 a try after testing at it high temperatures and it took the heat well compared to its synthetic competitors. If it had done poorly I wouldn't have put it in my engine. But it seems that its shear stability is its achilles tendon, at least in engines that like thick oils. But maybe my engine's parts have worn enough that some consumption will occur with any xW-40 is 58k miles old now. I'll find out eventually.
Non-German Castrol is Group III from what I understand. There are several people on here with the same engine and no sludge with with syntec. It's just that I personally would be using M1 because it is usually the same price.
As info, the 1.8T is not a sludge monster in any application where the engine is mounted east/west. Only when the bean counters decided in north/south applications that the oil pan would do fine with 3.7qts did it cause sludge in cars that were not maintained well. It is a good engine. Also, show me proof 5w-40 is a G3. J
BC 5w-40 is a Group IV... Otherwise it would never have passed all those european specs (Porsche & BMW). I believe oil consumption has to do with how you drive (WOT vs slow). I know on my way to work I have an uphill mountain pass where I am at 95% Engine Load (ScanGuage) for about 20 minutes. Over a period of 3,000 miles I consume oil. But, if I take other cars (co-workers) and drive MY personal car around the city = no oil consumption. (Just observation here from a car enthusiast).
Just an aside on the topic of Group 3 oils: Oil companies are getting so good at making good Group 3 oils and good additive packages that a Group 3 oil can now meet some really tough specs. Lubromoly (Liqui-moly) makes this one below and look at the specs it meets. "Hc Technology" means hydrocracked and when European companies say it they mean it's Group 3. Technically Group 2 oils can undergo hydrocracking as well but to a lesser degree but that's another story. If this link doesn't show the product (Longtime High Tech 5W-30), you'll have to navigate the site and make sure it is in English.
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