Fresh Oil?

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Apr 19, 2004
I have a '01 Miata with 22,400 miles on the clock. I changed the oil (CastrolGTX) and filter (stock Miata) on 2-5-04 at 21,000 miles. It's about 40/60 city/highway driving. Seen like a waste to change the oil & filter with so few miles driven. Would you change the oil & filter now and WHY?? Thanks! Nick
So you got 1400 miles on the engine and your asking us whether or not to change the engine oil? Think not.
Yes, the three month or 3,000 mile which ever comes first thing. Sorry if that wasn't clear. Nick
That "3 month" rule is for people that drive 2 miles to work and back, every day, in the middle of an arctic winter. Is this you? If it's your 2nd car, and you break out the Miata only on nice days, and drive it a decent distance to evaporate contaminants, you can easily stretch to 6 months.
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