Freestyling Ford

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Jun 2, 2003
A red light runner caused this Freestyle to tip over in SF a couple days ago.  -  - PS: Note the coffee mug. [Wink]
Actually, the passenger side A-beam didn't look all that good:  - I don't know how many occupants were in the car or what type of injuries were inflicted. Just last year I saw a Chevy Blazer get hit by a red light runner on Geary Blvd and get airborne. The Blazer actually rotated almost 360 degrees and landed on its side. The occupants walked away -- could have been the adrenaline rush. This sort of thing happens when people run red lights and go 60 in a 35 zone. [ August 03, 2006, 08:05 AM: Message edited by: moribundman ]
Where I live there were quite a few accidents at the intersection. I did see once a GMC or Chevrolet Suburban rolled over. Probably wanted to make the light but didn't. A lot of people like to go fast on Geary as well as 19th avenue. I think most is 25mph but no one goes at that speed. Even buses go fast too.
The only people going 25 or less on Geary are the ones in the right lane looking for the perfect spot to double park, while blindly dodging already double-parked cars. [Mad] The speed limit on Geary is 35, but speeds vary from 0 (double parker!) to over 50 -- all at the same time. Once the right lane will be reserved only for public transportation, as has been in planning for awhile, traffic will be even more of chaos. Clement Street between 19th and Arguello drives my nuts. It's the automotive equivalent of Bedlam. I used to see accidents due to red line running at Geary and 19th all the time. Since they prominently installed cameras and implemented high fines, at least that intersection is now less hazardous. People used to routinely fly through the intersection up to 3 seconds after red going 60 on 19th. I've also seen a bunch of cars go literally airborne in crashes on Geary and Steiner on several occasions.
I wonder if the vehicle was a rental, as most new Fords are in NorCal. I avoid SF all together...traffic is horrible. Mission street was worse than Geary, the last time I went.
Northern California starts North of the Golden Gate in Marin. [Wink] I didn't see a rental car sticker, but not all rentals display one. Today I heard the two occupants crawled out the Ford's windows and were taken to a hospital.
I know somebody who rolled a Suzuki Samarai, funny thing is he said he knew how easy it would be to roll over. It was all done offroading so he wasn't surprised when it happened. He's done with SUV's though and owns a small Saturn.
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