Free MP3 to WMA converters??

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Apr 11, 2003
Spring HIll
I'm looking for MP3 to WMA converter software. No, I'm not going all Microsoft here, but to stuff more data on my portable device (Palm LifeDrive) with the maximum sound quality possible. Most of my MP3's are 160KB, I want to convert them to WMA 96KB. Every software I've found costs about $20 just to convert media. Ick. If this funcationality is availble in Linux (which I kinda doubt since it would be converting things from WMA to MP3) I'll use it. SUSE 10.1 is my distro of choice (for now). Thanks, Mike
sxg6, thanks for the tip! Worked great! The only thing it didn't do was convert 192K WMA to 96K WMA. It crashed every time. I found a program to do that for me. Otherwise, CDEXOS is a GREAT program to use! Thanks!
Check It has the best ripper/converter programs I've come across. I think you have a 30 day trial for mp3 usage so select to try it for 30 days. I think it never asks you to buy the rights to use mp3-s after the 30 day period. I forget who owns the patent for the mp3-s but the site explains the situation around mp3 patents.
There's limitations to what you can do in the trial period to dbPowerAmp. [Frown] The two different WMA converters are AWFUL! Sound quality going from a 192K WMA to 96K WMA is TERRIBLE. ick! That CDEXOS program did an admireable job of converting MP3 to WMA and sound quality is great!
Why use dbpoweramp when cdexos can do the same? I've tried dbpoweramp, and many others in the past. Cdexos beats them all.
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