fram ultra, weird oil pressure

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Oct 2, 2009
rhode island
I just purchased a 2014 silverado, put the first 1k miles on her and decided i wanted to drain the FF and filter so i replaced it with a Fram Ultra, not sure if this is the filter or not but the oil pressure always read 40psi while driving except when passing it went to 50 or so, with the ultra on just cruising at 55mph the oil pressure would go to 60-40-60psi for about a 1/4 mile, it did this almost everyday. I started getting real nervous so tonight i changed it out for a oem ac delco. I just got back from a 50 miles ride and the pressure only went to 50psi while merging on the interstate at almost wot. Could the fram had a problem? I also had valvoline synthetic in and drained that for mobil 1, thank god i did, the valvoline is the first oil i ever put in a container and saw so much foam, i always do my own maintenace and never saw any of these weird things. Any hints on what could have been going on? Thanks
What engine? On the V6 it has a two stage oil pump, my gauge will jump up when I pass somebody or taking off from cold start. The V6 takes 6qts, I don't know about the V8's. Anybody? Foamy oil could be sign of too much oil in crankcase.
sorry, this is the 4.3 V6, shouldve included that. I added 6 quarts exactly on the oil change with filter just as the manual states. My v6 does what yours does when i pass someone but with the fram it would do it some times even at a red light, i just found it really disturbing so i went back to the oem filter. I have never seen this with any other vehicle so it freaked me out on a brand new truck.
The foamy oil might be a clue. Any possible way the oil was overfilled? That could explain both issues.
I used a 1qt container and a 5qt jug, it calls for 6qts with a new filter, i pulled the old filter and drain plug and let it drain for almost an hour, wife called me in the house to help her, went back and there wasnt but a drip coming out, so i am sure it wasnt over filled when i added the new oil. I just had bad luck with new cars and this little issue just scared me a little, it all seems fine now that i changed back to oem. Could more media or thicker media of the fram do this, or maybe the bypass. trying to learn as much as i can of why something like this would happen.
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The foamy oil might be a clue. Any possible way the oil was overfilled? That could explain both issues.

That's what I was thinking also.
lol, yes. checked twice,after filling with oil and later that afternoon, all looked good on the stick, no foam at that point and level was good. I say foam but it was just enough to notice as i filled the empty containers at the top and within a few seconds it was gone, almost like a detergent maybe.
I just changed the oil the way i did with the fram, 6 qts oil and new filter, checked the oil, took it for a ride, parked it and waited about an hour, checked it again and it was the same as when i had the valvoline and fram on. Same procedure on both changes.
You sound confident in the AC/Delco and M1 combo that is in your truck right now.

I'd stick with that as long as it keeps working for you.

You can't go wrong with an OEM filter and an oil pan full of top tier M1 synthetic motor oil.
I have 2014 Sierra with the 5.3 and have been running a Fram Ultra XG10575 for about the last 5,000 miles now. I haven't noticed any difference in oil pressure (cold or warm) over the factory ACDelco PF63. I'm usually just under 40 PSI when at cruising speed and oil fully warmed up.

What you experienced might be the two stage oil pump test. Here is some more information on the new Ecotec3 oil pump system (

"The oil pressure gauge needle oscillation is due to the two-stage oil pump self test. The ECM will perform a functionality test of the two stage oil pump after a cold soak, when the engine is first started and the vehicle is driven.

This functionality test will occur three times in a short time span and can be observed on the oil pressure gauge as a brief increase (spike) in the oil pressure gauge needle. Upon completion of the three tests, the self test will not occur again until after the engine is turned OFF and another cold soak has completed.

Additionally, at 3,500 RPM or greater, the two-stage oil pump switches over to high stage and the oil pressure gauge needle will move to the high position."

I have experienced this self test before. Just happen to look down at the oil pressure gauge to see it jump, then come back down.
Actually i liked the valvoline but i had a stash of mobil one i was going to use in my sons car so why buy more oil, i think it was the filter but cant pin point why i had such weird oil pressure spikes with it. My grandfather ran the orange can fram and quaker state in every vehicle and never had a problem, its probably just my luck thou, it tends to always just be bad.
From what gonefishing posted above, no matter what oil filter is used, if the driver is looking at the oil pressure gauge at the right time he would see it fluctuating due to the test the ECU runs.

bowhuntr - recommend cutting open the Ultra to see if anything looks out of place inside. Also, watch your oil pressure gauge more to see if you can catch the ECU doing the 3 runs of the oil pump test.
Thanks, thats some great info, so maybe i am just paying to much attention to all the gauges and it was just coincidence that it was after i installed the filter and oil. Like i said I just have bad luck with new cars this year and every little thing is bugging me. I guess i should just drive it instead of over analize it, like the loud direct injection noise they make,lol.
bowhunter i have the same problem with new cars i listen and hear everything. I am in the engine business and i hear things in the new engines that make me nuts!

everything from vvt to injectors and everything in between lol
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