Fram Force 10060 Torture Test, 16,000 miles on a 6.0 gasser that averages 8 mpg!

Jul 15, 2020
Let me start off by saying the truck drivers at my company are terrible at maintenance, this filter came off a 2019 Isuzu 4500 after 16,000 miles on the same oil 😳 which was at best Fram Synthetic 5w30. This truck has seen multiple 12,000+ mile oil changes, with the last 2 to being 18,000 & 16,000. Some how after 136,000 miles of moving 2,000-8,000 pounds of gearing daily at high rpm (the truck has 5.43 gears) it some how manages to only use 1.5 Quarts of oil in 16,000 Miles! Hopefully we'll get 460,000+ miles out of the 6.0 like we have out of our 2007 chevy silverado 3500 6.0 and still climbing daily 🤣🤣🤣 anyway I don't know if this filter cut open is a testament to Fram filters, Fram motor oil, 6.0s being tanks or blissful ignorance. But I'm weighing pretty heavily on the last one 🤣. Hope yall enjoy the pics! (Wish I could get these guys to do 4,000-6,000 mile intervals but maybe someday)

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Don't you have a maintenance mechanic that checks all these trucks??? If not maybe you should.
Nope, and it's not my problem to deal with 🤣 I do what I can when I can to ride these guys to actually maintain stuff but it falls on deaf ears, jon got the 07 to 460,000 miles this way and will be ****ed if he does anything differently this time around 🤣
The LQ4, LY6, & L96 6.0L's are some very reliable engines & would pit them against anything in the heavy duty gasoline segment. Though I really like the 6.2L Ford.....I don't think it would take the neglect a GM 6.0L does.
I can tell ya a 5.7 hemi can't! We had a 2013 ram 2500 that went through 2 engines in 180,000 miles and a couple transmissions too.
I just noticed I posted this is bypass filters and not oil filters (been a long day) can it be moved?
Wow that is a nasty filter and I have to say those engines must be very well built. Engines are so expensive I just cannot wrap my brain around the fact that some people just think they are saving money by neglecting their engines. I also believe that employees are very prone to Italian tune up's and maybe that's why it's still running hahahaha. Drive it like ya stole it! Thanks a lot for posting I love seeing what I feel is neglected maintenance. hahahaha :)
If the oil doesn't get changed very often, then why not run an extended drain oil like HPL that can handle 20,000 miles?

Save money on oil changes and your engines don't get sludged up.
I have no choice in the matter.
Thanks for the pictures . Likely to go with the FRAM Extra Guard PH7317 for the FIT . Less miles than the truck , figure 7,500 > 9,500 miles and 9 > 10 months .

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