Fram Extended Guard: Come right out and say it.

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Jan 2, 2011
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I decided to add one of these to my filter stash. It was $8.97 at Walmart I recall. I know it is a good filter, but how well does it cut it compared with the best ones from Bosch (such as the Distance Plus) and Mobil for extended OCI's? I know these latter brands can be cheaper on a sale/refund basis, so price is not the main subject of my inquiry. But if you do not want to do the refund thing, you still save on postage a wee bit and the price is OK, cash on the barrel head.
It's a good filter, i'd say on the same level as a Bosch distance plus or Mobil extended. The only down side i can think of, if any, is that the bypass valve is made of plastic with a coil spring. Technically that should seal better then metal alone though.
I used all varieties of Fram filters in my 3000 mile OCI Dino days. I guess I can admit that peer pressure here at BITOG has pushed me to syn, extended OCIs and P1 filters. I'm still waiting for someone to prove that Fram=junk. My only observation about your post is that I would never pay $9 for any oil filter. With all the deals around, you can easily get your buy price <$5.
Extended Guard is a good filter. Two ply media (it is actually two plies, I cut one open and pulled them apart. Posted the video on here some months back), with metal mesh backing. Filter can is very durable, and while plastic, the bypass has a nice sturdy coil spring and fits well into the housing. Nothing wrong with these filters at all, and they aren't that bad of a deal @ $9 either, considering the durability of the media and whatnot. This all depends on whether or not you're comfortable running the filter for a long OCI...something its certainly capable of. This would certainly change the price metric a bit... I've cut open just about every major filter brand in my cars size (3614), and I'd put the Extended Guard near the top for sure.
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