Fram CH9641, how good is it!??

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Feb 15, 2016
Hi there; I recently ran out of my Mann ML1019 oil filters ; I’ve been using them as long as I can remember; meanwhile, I bought these online at a discount price. As I’m not a brand loyal, I was wondering how good it is and how often would you’ve replaced it? I’ve been using Castrol HM 5w-20 green bottle for awhile now; so would be a filter and oil of your choice and how often would you change it?
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Orange can of death minus the orange can... run forest run!!! It will be fine for a stansard oil change interval. Use whatever oil you want.
Remember that the ML1019 isn't a real German Mann, but rather a reboxed Purolator. The real Mann part number is HU 711/2x Good filters to use for this application: Mann HU 711/2x Mahle OX 203D Hengst E20H
I have had good luck with (and hear generally all good things) about South Korean oil filters. Run it with confidence.
Thank you guys! That’s my impression too; I checked the pleats and they were so close and tight giving the impression of well build filter Also I was surprised that next level Tough Guard FRAM had a very same item inside, in appearance for couple more $$ of course; I went even further, checking more boxes with 9641 filters, they were all the same; so due to the nature of the beast, I’ll stick with this basic FRAM and save me that couple of bucks
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Yeah it is rated @ 95% filtration efficiency and up to 5k miles
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