Fram 8911 Change

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Sep 15, 2004
West Coast
WM had stock some new Fram 8911 and it looks different than the one i bought a month ago. There's almost half the pleats but a lot thicker, the material is not the same as the older paper type. The new Fram seems to be almost identical as my current Napa Gold but $7 less. Here's a picture to show: (The older one is on the left)
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Are both made in same country of origin? China or Israel? Should be listed somewhere on the media.

I looked over and over and can't find it on the filter
Seems like manufacturures are trending to that "pillowy" thick media with fewer pleats rather than the traditional, tight looking, firm paper with many small pleats.
The thicker media has been the standard for Suzuki for a while. It seems to do well with a long life too. Those thin media things just don't seem to do so well from my experience.
The one on the right looks like the STP I put in my Civic before I crashed it. I don't remember if there were the same amount of pleats though.
Thanks for posting the pics. As said above, that's the same filter I install in my daughter's 01 Civic. I've never had any issue with Fram air filters in my vehicles. Easy to find, relatively reasonably priced.

I don't know which is better, more pleats but thin media, or less pleats with thicker fuzzier media. Perhaps it's a wash.
Frankly, I don't get too upset over air filters after reading here that changing them makes little difference in mpg. Usually go 30k.

Off topic, but the worst thing about having Honda's af checked or changed at dealer or shop is overtorqueing of screws. I had to replace an airbox because the dealer(I suspect) checked and tightened too tight. When I tried to loosen, the screws snapped the plastic around the mounting nuts. I was rather torqued off, pun intended. I suspect they used either an air or electric screwdriver.
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