Frakenbrew for a 2007 F350 5.4L 3V 182k miles


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Nov 28, 2014
Steilacoom, WA
The Ford 5.4l 3V calls for seven quarts of 5w20. Many seasoned professionals strongly recommend 5w30 instead of 5w20, because of cam phaser and related timing design issues. I am the original owner, this truck is primarily used for hauling heavier trailers cross country. I had a plug fail at 90k miles in North Dakota that broke into the engine, somehow the engine survived. at 140k miles had a misfire on cylinder five. Changing plug, and COP did not fix the problem. Truck spent six weeks at a Utah Ford dealer, they could not find the problem, but thought it was the PCM and wanted 2k to change it. I pulled the truck from the dealer, read a lot on 3v issues. Ended up changing the plug from OEM new one piece design to the Champion plug with a larger bolt design. Solved the problem.......

My frakenbrew for my 2007 F350 RWD regular Cab 5.4l 3V with 182k miles:

Mobil 1 Truck and SUV 5w30 five quarts
Pennzoil Platinum Euro 5w30 two quarts
And the Fram Ultra XG2 (no idea if old stock or new design)

Will change this oil at about 3k miles. No reason for the two quarts of Euro, just hoping its additives may enhance the Mobil 1. But I have no science behind my mix whatsoever. Final note, this 5.4l 3V RWD F350 is super easy to change the oil. About 15 minutes, no jack needed whatsoever. Filter is located right next to the oil drain plug. Does not get much easier than that for a non cartridge oil filter.

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If the box for your FRAM lists..."Durable Metal Screen", then it's older design. If not then it's the new stock. Otherwise the filters are the same.
Go for it. Also, I’d have no trouble using 5w30 instead of 5w20. The owner’s manual and cap for my 2000 Lincoln Town Car specify 5w30, but soon after, Ford spec’d 5w20. So, it sounds like the engineers intended it to run 5w30 and the w20 was a CAFE-influenced move. Heck, I’ve even run Mobil 1 5w40 turbo diesel truck oil in it for the TX summer.
Aww, that is not a frankenbrew, that is only 2 oils mixed together. And they are both the same weight and synthetic. LOL

I know in my brother in laws '04 F150 with the 5.4 it runs quieter with 5w-30 vs 5w-20. It was really noticeable when I first started taking care of it a few years ago (it had the severe dieseling sound at idle, I really thought the motor was toast).
Most changes I do on it are 5w-30, but have done 5w-20 a few times with it not sounding any worse. I currently have 10w-30 in it, but next change will be some Pennzoil Platinum HM 0w-20, mainly because I have a ton of it and I am pretty sure the truck will be getting sold soon.
Seems like a lot of trouble with that engine. How could a dealer who knows what they are doing not find the problem for 6 weeks?
The dealer was in Heber City, UT. A very small dealership with high turnover. The technicians serviced both Ford and Chevy in the same bays if I remember correctly. This same dealership was unable to properly prepare a 2021 Corvette for delivery to my next door neighbor.

At 90k when the plug broke apart in North Dakota, I limped to a Ford dealer just across the border in Minnesota. At that MN Ford dealer, I had a newly trained Ford tech. He said the engine was shot (#3 cylinder). He changed a few plugs and I returned to Pennsylvania. I sent the truck to a Ford dealer in Sunbury, PA- Sunbury Ford. Sunbury Ford, went through the engine, said it tested ok. I have 80k miles on that engine, hauling trailers, since Sunbury Ford inspected the engine. BTW- Sunbury Ford I believe is owned by the same family for around 100 years. Their shop was old, as where their techs. But their techs were not only old, they appeared very seasoned, professional, honest, and wise.

Might be a reason small town Sunbury PA Ford has been in the same family for nearly 100 years (IIRC).
You got a deal on that M1 jug. That should be a quality frankenblend. No reason to change @ 3k... You'll have plenty of TBN left by then.
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I ran primary Pennzoil Platinum in my 08 F150 that had the 5.4L. I used both 5w20 and 5w30 at different times, and it obviously ran great with either of them. Personally I’d stick with 5w30 with your heavier duty use, but I’d stretch the intervals out. At minimum 5k if you’re going to use synthetic.
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Our sparkplug fix was simply to pull the plugs when new and put nIckel antiseize on the shields to keep carbon from building up on them and change them every 60,000 mi. Oil was Motorcraft Bulk 5W-20 every 5,000 mi. No problems in 280,000 mi.
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