Foxfire; amazing what life can conjur up.

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Jul 26, 2004
New Bri-en, CT
A few weeks ago after it got dark, i got distracted by a bunch of bright stars in the sky that were near the back of my lot; I went out the next evening only to discover they were still there; Moved a bit side to side and the parallax between those stars and others indicated they couldn't really be stars. Headed into the woods only to discover they were many patches of foxfire on many trees, some patches 6" x 2" Foxfire I haven't seen foxfire in about 35 years and I have never seen it on trees, only roots. Seems the recent cold weather had tamped down some of the brightness, but tonight it is about 50F and the light show is amazing.
As kids we played in the woods constantly. I remember seeing that stuff all the time. I haven't thought about it in years.
Not open for further replies.