Found some Older Formula Mobil One is it OK to use ??

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Jul 17, 2004
Long Island, NY
While cleaning out my storage room I found some older Mobil One bottles and would like to know if these would be OK ?? I know there are alot of folks that say the new SS formula is good, but how was the Advanced Formula SJ and the TRI-SYN SJ in comparison. I found 3 on-opened cases of each in 10w-30. How do these older formulas rate the the new SS formula ?? Will I still be able to run 5-6K intervals and be OK ?? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
Spartan, You should NOT use those. Instead, carefully pack them (double-boxed, of course) and address them to my attention. I'll email you the details. Then take them down to the local shipper and have them sent here 2nd day air. I'll take care of disposing of them for you and won't even charge you for my time! Cheerios, Ashley [Cheers!]
Thanks folks, [Cheers!] I will use it on the next scheduled change. I was not sure if the older formulas were better or worse then the current version. I have heard some say the old Advanced Formula may be better then the Tri-Syn and even the SS formulas.
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