Found some max life syn

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Sep 25, 2004
Kansas City
I found some max life syn, sl rated, at an AZ. Problem is that this is some of the oil that was discounted and closed out last year. That is the oil that many of us stocked up on. They want regular price for this oil now. So what do i do to convince them that it should not even be in their inventory and they should sell it to me? We are talking about at least 100 quarts of various weights.
Tell them that Max Life Syn & Havoline Syn were both discontinued last year for $1 per quart. Some stores had them for $2 If they still refuse, then you ask the manager for the phone # of the district manager and the corporate office . [Smile] Why are they charging full price for an 'outdated' SL GF3 oil ?? [I dont know] [Confused] I got 42 quarts of Havoline Syn & 14 quarts of Maxlife Syn (all for $1.00 each)
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