found some green today

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Nov 25, 2005
stopped by the local A.Z. today to see if they had any GC. I just learned about it the other day, and sure enough that had some. I'm assuming it's green because the # on the bottom starts off 04. Think my LS1 would like this stuff? Is this too thin for a summer oil? I usually put 10w30 in the summer. oh it was like 28 bucks for a case. TONY
No question - a match made in heaven. It is not too thin. The 0W refers to winter use (ideal because it is synthetic). The 30 refers to running temps; in fact it is at the higher end of 30 weight oils. For more info, research the archives.
Tony, You put GC in your LS1 and it will think you are just about the best owner a car could is NOT too thin...and come to think of it, NOT too fact, it is JUST that's why the Elves changed it to a gold honor of "you know who."
haha yeah I told my girlfriend that I wanted a case or too for christmas. One thing I am confused about... I know you want a thinner "w" oil for the winter like 0w30 GC. But why do many people change to a 10w30 for the summer? TONY
Don't know their exact reasoning. But one reason might be (broad generalization here) 5W-30 dino oils have VII (viscosity index improvers) which assists the oil for the W, winter use, number. They can break down (shear) over time. A 10W-30 therefore is more shear stable if you were doing something like my Buick's recommended 7500 mile oil change interval. Now with a synthetic, VII are not needed as the oil itself has the cold weather viscosity. Also, I would think newer, SM rated, dino 5W-30 oils are making it a moot point.
Tony, Simplified answer: many people see the 0W and think that means the oil is thinner at operating temperature; the 0W relates to cold weather/cold oil "flowability" at startup...what you are really concerned about is what is the oil's viscosity rating at operating temperatures and at those temperatures, GC is almost a 40 weight
GC and the LS1 engine are a match made in heaven. I've seen spectacular oil analysis results using GC in my 98 Corvette. I use it all year round.
why would somebody want less "flowability" in the summer? I would think you would want the oil to flow as quickly as it could, even in the summer.
I wouldn't want less "flowability"...I am fine with 0W30 year round. Just keep in mind the "flowability" advantage is most realized at REALLY low temps...the SAE J 300 test is conducted at -35ºC and -45ºC.
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