Found some GC!

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Apr 22, 2005
oklahoma city, ok
I just wanted to let you GC lovers know that I finally found some at an autozone near me that I had overlooked, I asked the counter guy if they had any and he said no but I went and looked on the shelf 10 or 15 quarts of Made in Germany Castrol Syntec 0W-30! I'm going to go back today or tommorow and take all the have. Still have one question though where is the number on the bottle that tells what batch it is?
Waste of time to ask the counter guys, even about the price. They don't even know about Sales on it. It will barcode scan at full price and only the electronic cash register will print the "actual" price.

I stopped by once for one bottle, scanned at full price, printed at $3.99, so loaded up. Manager said they have unadvertized sales and not an error.

At least our AZ you actually have to ring it up to know the price, not just scan the barcode and certainly not at the signs or price stickers. Even the manager does not get informed and may not know unless he's already checked the system for someone.
now I definatley think I will buy all they have especially if it is only $3.99. All the bottles I looked at yesterday said either M04 or M05 and also said imported from germany one of them the batch number had worn off and it just said A-02 on the bottom could this be a 2002 batch of GC? Regardless I'm going to all the local AZs tommorow and buying up all the bottles that say made in germany regardless of the batch number, they all appear to be good whether there gold or green.
I have just bought 5 quarts of gold GC to use sometime in November or December once my arx treatment is done on my old 88 Ford Bronco II. Gold seems to be just as good as green maybe better but I'm still going to go try and find some green sometime in the next week. I will keep you posted.
Not open for further replies.