Found my first QTs of GC / 3-Green, 6-Gold

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May 24, 2006
I've been running M1 0W-40 for some time now and my VW 1.8T has started to make some ticking sounds etc.. The manual calls for a 5W-30 and now that summer is upon us I feel a change in oil is needed. I have a 2000 1.8T New Beetle with a good amount of mod's. After reading about the GC (thanks to everyone) I went ouit for a simple hunt and found some at the second AZ. I will give audi_guy for some [Cheers!] for his help as he's just about cleaned out GA! [Razz] Next up, filter. I've always used M1 but will probably go to OEM.  -
Argh, I can't find any more Green GC here! I'm jealous... GC is selling like hot cakes where I'm at. I'm seeing a bunch of M06 bottles now. Let us know how the GC works for you!
18t, Thanks for the kudo's but you did the hunting. I just pointed in the directions I hadn't been yet. [Big Grin] Also remember if you're going to stash be sure to climb up on the racks and rake down all of them for a check. The extension handle car wash brushes work great. AZ's stocking system pushes older stock to the back, where the GC Green lives, and they stay there so long they don't always side down by themselves so you've got to help them out a little. a_g
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