Found M1 0w-30 GF3 for $1.26/qt

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Aug 14, 2003
Would this be a good buy, especially considering one can get Chevron 5 or 10/30 for $.49/qt and it's GF4.

I didn't look, but I suspect the M1 was SL and not SM, like the new oils.

Oil was in Kmart.
Thanks! Let's just hope it lasts until I can get back to the store after work tonight!
go there on your lunch hour.
looks like kmart is trying to dump it. went there on their supposedly going out of business sale when they closed a couple of stores last month. everything was marked up then they took 10% off
Bought it all, although "all" was only 6 quarts. Some other lucky stiff got the other 4 quarts!

Of course, I do recall the locations of 3 other Super Kmarts........
Mr Magoo:
I don't know what to tell you; mine all scanned at $1.26, even at the price check scanners. Each quart, however, did have a clearance-type price label stuck to the bottles.

But they all scanned at $1.26! Maybe it's a local, SoCal thing---since temps don't get down very low (except in the high deserts overnight), there probably wasn't a big demand. There may not even be much of it left here in SoCal, but it there is, I'LL FIND IT, because "I'm axjohn, and I'm a BITOGholic"
Why not buy a lot at another KM and return it at the store that's closing. A week later go back and buy it for $1.26.
That would be bad karma. Besides, it seems like the one KM I visited is the only one that had any of it, and that might be why they had special tagged it with the $1.26 price, just to get rid of it. The rest of the M1, encluding the various encantations of regular M1 and EP, were all regularly priced.
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