Found an old truck video.

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i have to show this to my dad, retired after 33 years of driving in 1982, he used to get a gleam in his eye when talking about the old "B" model Macks driving from minneapolis to kansas city. looping his hand through the steering wheel to shift with two hands so he wouldnt lose so much road speed. is that an old pete your in?
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i would like to see some pictures !
Search for Chris' posts in the photo section. There are at least a couple there.
My father was a truck mechanic,and in the school holidays we used to go out with the drivers.One truck was an International with twin sticks - they went over a big hill several times a day,and the little driver would duck down bellow the dash with his arm through the spokes with change both boxes at once.Great stuff. In the '70's I was working as a truck mechanic and got to drive some twin sticks,mostly British trucks,but Internationals were common too.It was satisfying to get a good twin shift - up in one box,and down in the other. The early Mitsubishi Mirage was a twin stick in some models - it was supposed to be a power or economy lever,but I used them as a twin stick.Working at a Mitsi dealer I still get to drive the odd old model - I can still twin shift with one hand....the apprentices go WTF????
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Those aren't just truck drivers, they are twin-stick shiftin' wheelmen. Cool vid, thanks for posting it.
ah trucks from back when driving a truck was a real profession to be proud of. Banging twin sticks is an art that im afraid not many kids today will ever learn. theres a huge sense of accomplishment when one finally masters twin stick driving. until you "get it" you will learn cuss words you didn't even know where cuss words.
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