Found a used f/s '97 Volvo, 2qs low-buy it or pass?

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Aug 12, 2003
Too late, my friend bought it. (95,000 miles) He is a totaly impulsive idiot, I HAVE to vent somewhere!!! He HAD to buy the first car he saw! I told him to take a q of oil on his 200+ mile purchase venture to add because used car dealers are notorious for not even adding oil to cars. Anyway, he said that he checked it and it's "OK". What an *** , 500 miles or so later I was tuning-up his car and decided to pull the dipstick to check for clarity... it was clear alright...he said over my shoulder "looks good". It was totally dry. What an *** ! I added some CD-2 for a week or so to start the cleaning process and the German Syntec will finish the job. Thank goodness he has a friend like Audi Junkie to help him out. BYTW- found a busted motor mount on the "grocery getter".
What an *** .
But be careful - your friend will blame you when he smokes his motor.

What model Volvo? (It makes a difference)

I say forget the CD2, dump in a crankcase of Delo400 and a bottle of AutoRx. Repeat. Then go synthetic.
I considered the Rotell T Synth to clean it up, but I am in in the midst of a run on G-Syntec and I have to let him in on it, although he does not deserve it. What a dumb-***.
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