Found a rock in the side yard

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went to the hardware store and a bought few sticks of dynamite, (it was the early 60's
I'm still searching for appropriate words to honor this quote...
Since you've already tore up the grass in that spot, get it out of there, put down some dirt and throw in some grass seed. Might be the greenest spot in your yard in a month or so.
They make great mailbox protectors. When we moved away, the mail carrier asked if he could have it. Don't know if he wanted it or it took a quick trip to the bottom of the Scioto. Oh, that was in 1977. As I posted this, it struck me the people buying the house may have though we took it with us.
You're grass WILL grow better. Archaeologists often can identify buried sites by changes in veg. type/color due to the variations in heat and moisture content that buried stone, brick, or other such anomalies cause. Pabs, is the rock ALL you found? No other goodies?
You don't have to post here if you don't like. No artifacts found. I was sweating like a pig and dizzy from all the exercise, and nearly thew up my dessert - but I dug down enough to get a good hold with the bar and the sucker moved a mm or two. Pictures tonight, maybe.
Find a cute lady rock for your ruggedly handsome dude rock and introduce them. You'll have a buncha' pebbles before yah' know it!!!  -
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