Found a rock in the side yard

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IMO, grass that doesn't grow is a *good* thing! [Big Grin] Besides, what if you finally get that rock out & it releases some nameless 'orror from deep beneath the earth?
Well, the rock being there decreases the volume of soil in which the plants roots can derive water and nutrients for growth. Maybe replacing the rock with productive soil will encourage grass growth in that area.
Hey Sexy Knickers, I suggest you leave that rock in place. If you take it out you might fall in and sail on right all the way to Canberra. [Razz]
Back in the early 60's my folks bought this place on the edge of town, (Monroe, MI). It had a nice garden spot out behind the garage. My Dad plowed the garden with his little ford tractor and while plowing, he hit a rock. When he stopped to look, there was a flat rock about the size of a platter. Got a shovel and started digging it out. Well, when he got down to about 1 ft. and now it was about the size of a card table. Now my dad was never a quitter, so he called a friend with a back hoe to come over and help him dig out a rock. When they got down to about 8ft. deep, they still haden't found the widest part. What they had exposed measured about 12'X18', it was clear that they wern't going to dig it out, so my dad went to the hardware store and a bought few sticks of dynamite, (it was the early 60's, all you had to do was fill out some papers and show a valid id). Now my dad was an experianced dynamite user so he was sure he could bust it up. He drilled a hole down under the rock and packed in several sticks of dynamite and touched it off. Now this rock was blue granite and was very hard. When the dust cleared, the rock had split vertically in 2 pieces with the smaller piece being potato shaped and about 4'x6'x 8'. Worse, the big piece had lifted out of the ground on the broken end and was about 2' above ground level. Finally, the contractor went and got a big bulldozer and dug a ramp down to the piece and dragged it out of the hole. He then backed the backhoe down the ramp and dug all the dirt he could reach from under the big piece. He was able to tip the big piece into the hole so that the top was about 3' below ground level. My mom decided that the small piece would look nice in the far corner of the backyard so they pushed it over with the dozer and it is still there. This all happened while I was in Calif. so all I have is my mom telling me what happened and my brother adding the technical details. My dad didn't want to talk about it for some reason. I have pictures around somewhere of the rock. So, Pablo. Be careful about digging out that rock..
I have pictures around somewhere of the rock.
Show them to us! [Smile] That's a great story, by the way. I love it!
shoot, that pebble and its singularity would hardly raise an eyebrow in these 'ere parts. You bragging or complaining? That's gravel.
Then get your yankee butt over here and dig it up. Sheesh. I suppose you could pick it up with your hands. What I want to know is why you guys are so excited about what pants I'm wearing? Do you guys wear slim fit jeans when digging holes? **** - it was 6:00 AM or so and I hadn't put my dress baggy azx shorts on yet.
Papa Bear, maybe Everett. They have the Boeing Museum there, that's where they currently build the wide-bodies, like 767, 777, whatever. Rento handles the 737. I also wonder why you guys are so interested in Pablo's pants. Do you not get out very often or what?
Uhhhhh..... that IS a really nice rock. A rock to be proud of. But, I must query, were you purposefully seeking a buried rock or did you accidently come across the thing while seking other stuff? At least the thing isn't like Rex and pops out of your shower drain at unexpected moments only to flee back down the drain as you approach.
Obviously deposited as glacial residue. Your land may be part of a terminal moraine. You must be extremely grateful to global warming, if indeed the globe is....warming.
Yeah, don't dig it up. The wife will secretly pay the kids to probe the whole yard to find the other dozen . . . for you to dig up and "decorate" a new flower bed. [Bang Head]
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