found 20qt of SJ in stash - what to do?

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May 29, 2009
This is bargain brand 5w30 conventional SJ. Was cleaning garage and found a large cardboard box full - 20 quarts. Should I volunteer to do the neighbours oil change, or should I donate it to my mechanic, who will pass it off as generic oil and do a bargain oil change for a few customers. Or is SJ really better than SL because it has lots of ZDDP, so I should use it myself, first?
SJ can be used in pre 2000 engines without any problem. My '94 Lexus LS400 recommends SG-SH oil, My '00 E430 recommends M1 SJ oil.
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There is also a neat thing called Craig's List.

Recommending that newfangled stuff, huh?
Use a quart of it with your current SM oils each oil change until it's gone. Won't make a difference to your engine but will save you cost in OC's
I have SH in my 2008 right now and its running fine. I'd use the SJ for a 3 or 4K OCI in just about any vehicle except a VW or a turbo. Milk goes bad but oil doesn't.
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I'd use it in a heatbeat for a full 5k OCI. That oil is just fine.

+1 or if you're afraid, do what StevieC said and use it up.

Give it to a friend whose car it suits. There are too many current oils out there that are dirt cheap for someone who is into oil.
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Can you return it to Walmart for a in-store credit and buy something else with it, like more oil?

Can't tell if you're serious, but that would be a pretty sleazy trick to pull.
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