Formula Shell Synthetic

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Jun 4, 2002
Are any of you using this oil in either the 5/30 or 10/30 wts? The cost is 17 something bucks for a case of six,,not the 5/30 but the 10/30 meets ACEA A3/98 which compared to the Castrol Syntec you have to move to the 10/40 to get this spec.Do you think this would be a cost effective alternate to the 2.70 cent and up group II and III blends? The Helix Ultra 5/40 is now in the USA and if bought in a drum it cost 3.37 per quart. For 5 more months I have been told the Havoline 5/40 will be available,I beleive then Shell will put the Helix in smaller containers to fill the void because now it's only available in 55 gallon drums
I'd pass on the Formula Shell Synthetic. Have a look at the pour points: 5w30 is -36*C and 10w30 is -33*C. These are pathetic numbers and there are plenty of Group II oils out there with much lower pour points.
Sprintman,Here is the partial MSDS for the 5/40 available here. I have to think it's the same world wide. I really don't have any cars here that would use this oil but I would think it's a good 5/40. It appears some of the other 5/40's are quite good as well.I really don't think some of the group III's are as bad as made out to be. Some are set apart from the others though it seems. CAS# CONCENTRATION INGREDIENTS Mixture 100 %volume Motor Oil 92062-09-4 60 - 69.99 %volume Hydrotreated Petroleum Slack Wax 64742-65-0 20 - 29.99 %volume Solvent dewaxed heavy paraffinic distillate 16958-92-2 1 - 2.99 %volume Synthetic Ester Mixture 1 - 2.99 %volume Magnesium alkyl salicylate Proprietary 1 - 2.99 %volume Polyolefin additive
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