Formula Shell SN = Diminished Quality ?

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Sep 10, 2010
Looking at the specs for the Formula Shell Conventional 5W 30 SN rated ... me thinks it is not quite the same "best buy sleeper oil" it was touted to be with the former SM rated package . Noak at 14+ with the SN rated ? Perhaps not worth the special drive and effort to Costco to pick up a case on sale for $2.08 qrt. this month when for a couple dollars more you can buy a 5 qrt. jug of Mobil 5000 or QSAD conventional at WM with a little better specs .
$2.08 quart is a very goood price, and Shell conventional is still a very, very good oil.
Whats the moly on the new Shell? I thought they disco'd marketing FS in US. Also, as a related aside, I dont believe the add pack on the Pennzoil as a GF5 pack in the PQI test. NO ONE ELSE is meeting GF5 with that old moly/boron add pack. Looks like SM pack. Naughty Naughty.
Hmmm... i stocked up on FS during the last Costco sale expecting it to be a decent oil, esp when bought on sale. I hope it didn't go down in quality, like you said. mad
ArcoGraphite, I do trust that PQIA analysis of PYB. Here is my UOA just done with PYB SN which I personally poured in: Note the 270 ppm moly. Now I know that boron drops as it plates the cylinders and wear surfaces so 44 ppm after 7500+ miles may very well be 105 in new oil as Blackstone recently reported in a VOA that Gokhan submitted: It just may be that the Group II+ basestock Shell uses in the Pennzoil conventional may be refined enough to allow an additive package very similar to the SM oil and still pass the tougher SN deposit specifications. I can't say enough good about SOPUS in general or Pennzoil products in particular. Very good bang for the buck. Gary
The moly could be trinuclear . Called SHELL tech and asked if the SN has it . Couldn't provide that . Top secret smirk . Here's an U.O.A. for the SHELL synthetic 5w-30 S.N./GF-5 from our '08 Yaris sedan ( 1.5 ltr. ) , and this for an '08 Prius ( 1.5 ltr. ) , . Now using their synthetic SN 5w-20 and will post U.O.A. for that in a few months when O.C. is due . No oil consumption with either weight . The new SN conventional should be fine for an interval of 5,000 miles . Would be nice to see an U.O.A. for that wink.
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