Formula 1 Lubricant website

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Nov 16, 2002

You can click on any Lubricant maker and find out what/how many cars they are in.

Click on a particular Driver and scroll down. It then shows what lubricants were used. Some have multiple brands. Completely useless website but what the heck...
It's actually pretty interesting to read...can't say how accurate it is, but the stuff for Ferrari is fun to scan through (didn't know they used a Jag engine in 1950!)
I didn't realize that Pratt & Whitney and Subaru were F1 engine manufacturers in 1971 and 1980, respectively.
who they are sponsored by, and what they sometimes used were different things as well....

OK, it isn't F1, but I well remember the TWR Jags out here in the mid eighties for the Oz leg of the World Touring Car Championships at Bathurst.
One of the green machines had an engine problem and started to consume oil. TWR were Castrol sponsored, but there were lots of 1 litre tins of Motul oil tipped into the oil tank.

Back when Toyota Europe were using the Celica in the WRC, Castrol was their primary spomsor, but they were supposedly using Neo 75W-90 RHD in the Xtrac supplied transmission.
The Toyota guys out here were Caltex (Texaco) sponsored, and they were definately using the neo RHD.
Even back in the sixties, there was a major race team that ran cars in open wheelers and touring cars that was Castrol sponsored, but they used BP Corse in their FVA Cosworth engines, as the bevel drive gears for the cams were destroying themselves prematurely with their sponsors product....and so it goes.
I don't think Pratt & Whitney was ever involved in F1 but some years ago there was an Indy car with a Canadian P&W PT6 engine. It was competitive but they changed the rules to essentially eliminate all gas turbine engines from competition. There haven't been any since then.
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