Ford = More deaths than Toyota

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Only good looking car that company ever made was the PRE-2000 Lexus SC 300/400 hard top coupe
Disagree, the supra,mr2 92,model AA,celica gt4 ,soarer,celica ra28 even the first model of corolla where pretty cool.
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Funny coming from a 97 tbird driver!!!!!!
[censored] those RWD, IRS V8 or supercharged V6 TBirds, way less character than a '97 Toyota Celica.
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So let me get this straight. The article says Toyota has had 51 UA deaths in the last thirty years. And ALL OTHER MANUFACTURERS COMBINED have had a total of 59. And somehow that translates to a thread Title that says Ford= More deaths than Toyota? Did you get some numbers from somewhere not included in the article. Don't you think it's significant that Toyotas numbers almost equal the total of every other manufacturer combined?
In addition what happened 30 years ago is irrelevant. Toyota's numbers have spiked the last 10 years. That is what NHSTA is looking at and that is what is relevant. Toyota has more cases against it than all other OEMS in that time period.
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