Ford Magnefine PN?

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Feb 7, 2005
Marinette, WI
Does anyone know if Ford has a PN for the Magnefine filters? I've read here that a FoMoCo TSB requires one to be installed following a trans rebuild, so I'd think they do. If someone knows, I'd be interested to know what it is (or what they are if Ford carries them for different line sizes).
When that TSB came out a few years ago I purchased one from Ford. I opened it up and it was the Magnefine, 100%. The only thing different was it had a Ford sheet inside. But the filter was the exact one down to the label. Magnefine (Emerging Enterprises) is one of our site sponsors, buy it from them: Magnefine Filters [Smile]
Be prepared to spend a good bit more at the Ford counter for a rebadged Magnefine. Get an O ring for a right angle filter mount. Mopar (identical right angle mount) $3 ...Ford over $20. Laminar sandwich oil cooler: Ford $300-400. Identical Long or Modine cooler from Mopar $75-$140 [I dont know]
NAPA's ATP 1-8514 is a 3/8" Magnefine. Cost $20.49 last time I bought one, but does not come with installation hardware like the one from the site sponsor. My local NAPA doesn't stock them, but can order them.
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