ford fusion forums?

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Oct 11, 2004
Is there a good one? I kind of like but when I try to register there is a security question on the bottom of the page that I have no idea what they want me to enter.
I'm on and Looks like the security challenge on fusionclub is broken...
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I'm on a couple of forums myself and find there is precious little information out there about the car. I've been trying to find out if the front of the car can be jacked up using the brace that runs side to side just in front of the radiator and can't find an answer. I get the "owners manual doesn't say you can" but with all due respect to the owners manual it is already on its forth re-write and the car hasn't been out that long. This is my first Ford and I'm frustrated by the lack of available info out there. Maybe we should start discussions here. Smoky
I am going to do a "how-to" when I drain and fill the trans in a few days. I can't believe there isn't one out there.
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