Ford Five Hundred tire choices

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Jun 3, 2005
Yuma Arizona
Bought a 2005 Ford 500 AWD sedan. Has 225/55-18 Pirelli P-6 tires on it. Vehicle has 35000 miles on it and the tires are worn over half way. Decided to start a search for new tires and see what was available. Come to find out that only Pirelli has that size tire. Called discount tire and they could get them in a couple of days. No where else except internet. Anybody has a blowout better have a good spare because you may be driving on it for awhile. The dealer even had to order them if needed. Hope that choices get a little better when time comes to buy them. Anybody know of other tires that would fit and work properly?
GenesToy, if your rims are wide enough (at least 7 inches), you could try going up to 245/50/18 which as the same overall diameter. TireRack shows 11 tires available in that size, although they're quite a bit more expensive than that 225/55/18 Pirelli.
I'm in the same boat as you with my new Sentra. The tires are 195/55-16. There are only two tires that are this size (that aren't run flats), and only one of these is an all season tire! You may want to look at some of the tire size calculators. You can probably go up in size some and keep the speedo the same (or close). It seems like this is the new "thing" since all the dealers are now selling tires. I guess they think people will come back when they need new rubber? Brian
Many of the new sizes do seem to be "proprietary" to the tire manufacturer. Don't see much about them here but Cooper is usually one of the first to offer replacement aftermarket. Usually cheaper than OE and atleast as good. Bob
Originally posted by alreadygone: Many of the new sizes do seem to be "proprietary" to the tire manufacturer.....
Actually it's the vehicle manufacturer that's driving this as they know how large their fenderwells are and they set the specs for their vehicle. I don't understand why they want to create new tire sizes, but the tire manufacturers seem to fall over themselves in the rush to make it happen.
I wouldn't change tire size because the car in still in warranty. Nevermind. I see you're at the end of warranty being at 35K.
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