Ford Factory Fill... Change it Quick?

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Jan 25, 2003
Decatur AL USA
Sorry I know this topic has been beat to death. I have a 2004 Ford Focus ZX3 2.0L Zetec with 300ml more or less. Based on pinoy99's UOA on a 2003 ZX3 the Factory Fill is plain 5W20 Motorcraft with no additional moly. His engine showed very low wear metals at 2500 ml for a new engine: Al 5 Fe 11 Cu 16 Should I change it to Havoline/Chevron to get the Moly and get the break-in metals out or leave it in due to the very low wear pinoy99's car saw? Thanks Gene
Okay lets say I am going to change it. I can not really see why not. On a engine with 300 ml is there any advantage to going with a high moly oil like Havoline? Thanks Gene
I'd leave it in. You don't need Moly. Oils on here showing the best UOAs don't have that much moly if any. I'd change it at 2k/3k miles.
Gene, I'm a big purveyor of getting oil out of the crankcase by 1000 miles, but by seeing the UOA you refer to, seems like these Ford engines don't have all that much junk in their initial break-in period to deal with. Either way looks good...
I personally believe in the quick change at 500-700 miles. I have heard of Kia's and others that had metal large enough to see at the first drain. I don't think this is true with your engine but why take a chance. Oil is cheap, engines are expensive.
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