Ford Explorer with 4.0L SOHC

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Aug 17, 2003
Concord, CA
I have a 1997 Ford Explorer Limited with 4.0L SOHC with close to 89,000 miles. I am wondering what visocity of oil should I use Mobil 1 or Amsoil 5W-30. Or which you recommend? My friend told me to ask forums like this for a feedback.

I also have 1993 Ford Explorer Limited 4.0L V-6 with 201,000 highway miles and is leaking oil at rear main seal and oil pan. I just ordered auto-rx and hope it would slow down the leak if not stop it. I was told not to use Amsoil for this because of the leaking. Any suggestion would be appreciated thanks!

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i don't think the auto rx will do anything to stop oil that is leaking past a main or rear seal. a mechanical fix is in order. both amsoil and mobil 1 are great oils,thought highly of on this forum. either would be great for your explorer that isn't leaking the fluids. don't use it in the one that is! expensive, and it won't do much for the looks of your driveway either. yes, 5w30 is fine. i beleive amsoil gets a slight nod over the mobil if you are planning to go the once a year or 25,000 mile which ever comes first route, but few i beleive go that long even with a top notch synthetic. i beleive either would be more than capable for 7,500 to 10,000 mile intervals with a top notch filter, say a wix or a k&n. the motorcraft filters are slightly restrictive as they use the purolater pure one element. imho, penz

I'd use a higher viscosity oil in the '97 in your moderate to hot Concord climate. 10W-30 will work well for you, and use 5W-30 in ski season if you head for the mountains.

Why synthetic? Longer drain intervals?...OK. Better lubrication at regualar drain intervals?...not really likely.

For the high mileage engine, after the Auto-Rx treatment, try one of the oils made for so-called high mileage engines. They're usually thicker and may contain some seal conditioners. A synthetic like Amsoil will work well, but is really expensive for a leaker, and why run synthetic?..this engine doesn't have that much future.


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I too have a 97 Exploder with the SOHC. How'd you like all those recalls?

I concur with the other brilliant minds that M1 5W-30 is the ticket. I've been using it my X since 5k without any problems and I currently have 130k on mine. I went with 0W-30 for a couple of changes and really didn't see much of a difference. Besides, it doesn't come in 5qt jugs at Wally World!
Hi and thanks for your feedbacks..

Penz.. I just got the auto-rx today. I wonder, would auto-rx do much for the old engine with that many miles? As for the Amsoil and Mobil 1..I average about 18,000 a year mainly highway commute. I do think amsoil would do it job for my 1997. I thought abt getting amsoil oil filter or other best kind that works along with amsoil oil if you or anyone know of?..

Ken.. my 1997 is 2WD for highway use and I have not drive on icy mountains since. I should think 10w30 would do the job year round.

For my 1993, I have never abuse it.. I normally cruise 65-70 mph on freeway commute and never had engine problems ever since. It started right up every time. It could be true that it may not have much future left in them. But just trying to have it keep going longer as it can.

Flashlightboy.. I just recently bought 1997 in May of this year and I have not had recalls on that one yet. But for 1993 I had some recalls in the past especially the tires. I have not had any troubles with it as it still runs.

Thanks for the feedbacks any ohter suggestions would be helpful
explorer 97, i think ken 2 or al would be the guys to ask about the auto rx. as far as answering your amsoil questions, i beleive msparks or another one of the amsoil reps would be more than happy to answer your specific questions. you can private message them if you want. msparks, very nice man! fellow va beacher!!!

Originally posted by Explorer97:
Hi and thanks for your feedbacks..

Penz.. I just got the auto-rx today. I wonder, would auto-rx do much for the old engine with that many miles?

I put Auto-Rx in a friend's really beat Dodge Caravan V6 with about 130,000 miles. It had loud ticking and just ran rough. When she had an oil change after the Auto-Rx, the mechanic (good guy) said that he wouldn't have done that. A short time later she went to the same shop for a belt replacement, and that mechanic told her that her engine ran quieter than his own.

You could consider the Castrol Syntec 0w-30 which they just happen to have at Autozone in Pleasant Hill. I happen to know because I checked the bottles when I was in there.

You guys have made me one sick puppy, checking the oil bottles at the auto parts store.


"You guys have made me one sick puppy, checking the oil bottles at the auto parts store."

The Oilaholic Virus is highly infective and globally contagious.
My daughter has the same engine in her '98 Explorer and comes down to have ol dad change it out.

I used to put Amsoil ATM in it for summer and Mobil 1 10W30 SS for the winter, but we're now using Mobil 1 exclusively. I also use maintenance dosages of Auto-RX. We use SuperTech ST8 filters. She now has over 103,000 miles on it and it runs beautifully.

BTW, the clearances in this engine are real tight, so I conisder 10W30 to be the max viscosity for this engine.

If I were to run dino oil, I would use Chevron Supreme 10W30. If running blends, I would use Schaeffer's #703.

BTW, the only leak I have noticed is the oil pan gasket, but have not observed any seal leaks with any of the aforementioned oils.

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