Ford Escape AC clutch

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May 15, 2006
Lakeside CA and Lake Havasu City AZ
2005 vintage. Does the system need to be evacuated and recharged to replace the AC clutch. Or is it just a remove and replace without messing with the R134. The wife's AC quit and it looks like the clutch took a dive, it looks pretty shredded, but the system is still has pressure.
Try spinning the clutch face to make sure the compressor isn't seized. You don't have to recover the R134 refrigerant to do the A/C clutch.
Compressor seems to turn fine. Clutch is shot. Is it generally acceptable to replace just the clutch face, or does the clutch pulley always need to be replaced with it? Face alone, $49 RA OEM, Clutch pulley alone $78 RA OEM.
Upon disassembly, found the coil had overheated and was destroyed along with the clutch. I think I will replace the compressor which comes with the clutch, accumulator, and orifice tube as a 3 piece kit that is only about $25 (plus freon and oil) more than just the clutch components. I will also test for voltage drop at the coil when reassembled. Since the compressor did not fail, I should not need to flush out the system, just replace the parts, evacuate, and refill.
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