Ford Class Action Lawsuit: claims recall repairs fail to fix Transit Connect defective shifter bushings

Sep 20, 2022
Two Ford Transit Connect Owners have filed a lawsuit against Ford claiming that the dealership fail to install the recalled shifter cable bushing, did not replace the bushing or did not install a protective sleeve or the sleeve simply fell off.

Service Bulletin:

Just to let any other TC owners know, that if you're encountering this type of issue with your dealership, You need to order a replacement bushing from and keep one in your in van tool kit. Also, Important, Do not panic if you've gotten one of these recall noticed.. even though Ford list all Transit Connect years etc.. Ours 2020 Connect is NOT listed because we happen to have the 8 speed autotrans and NOT the 6 speed autotrans which is listed within the recall. order that replacement bushing and keep it in the van. If the installation of the bushing is needed, this is something anyone can do because there are plenty of bushing installation videos on youtube.


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I have a bunch of these in my fleet at work, they're all under this recall but have otherwise been pretty decent little vans. So weird seeing VINs that start with an N.