Ford 5.4lit V8 in Australia

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Dec 18, 2002
Pannawonica West Australia
Hi From Australia My new ford falcon has the ford USA 5.4lit V8 but the oil recommend is a 5w20. I live in the out-back with tempitures up around 105deg (45C) for most of the year. What grade oil should i use. Thank's Davo
This topic has been addressed a number of times here and on no agreement. Personally in those temperatures I would use a 5W-30 or 10W-30 wt synthetic like Mobil1, Amsoil, Redline or the Shaeffers Moly Pure Synthetic (available in 5W-30 only). I just don't think that "Ford Has a Better Idea" here. You'll have to deal with the warranty issue. [Welcome!]
I had no idea Ford was requiring 5w20 in markets outside the US. Very interesting.
Sorry, off topic, but just saying G'Day to the other Aussies on the board. Sprintman, I spent many a quiet afternoon doing circle work in the gravel carpark at Tralee, then a quick lap to Cooma and back in my misspent youth. Davo, I spent two weeks in Perth about twenty something years ago. back on topic, if Ford specify a 0-20, does that mean that they'd supply you with a 0-20 if you got a service ? Have to go to the local dealer tomorrow and see if they have some.
Ford here uses 5w30 in all gasoline engines and 15w40 in all diesels. I am the only one who imports a 5w30, so I have an edge on supply. They say if they ever think seriously about 5w20 they will let me know and I will import it. Until that time I will not, since I had 10w30 for 2 years before selling my first quart. Parts of the country have temperatures of 60 C in summer and -8 C in winter. Other parts are -10 to +15 C.
Shannow Tralee long gone unfortunately. People built houses next to the track and then complained about the noise, bloody typical. I'm also guilty of 'circle work' in the car park particularly after the Oz sprintcar title won by Gary Rush some years back. His eng builder is my best mate Ivan Walker (Walker Racing Engines). Travelled to every track in the country with both of them for a decade or more.
Laguna Seca is on the hit list here for noise. Too Bad. It's a fun track to ride your bike on. A bit too technical for me but fun just the same.
Sprintman, I knew they were having difficulties at Fraser Park with the locals. (Mum and Dad live in Gowrie). They didn't tell me it had gone belly up. Is there anything local now ? (We've got Cullen Bullen, but insurance has cancelled the last two race nights).
Drag strip gone too (houses again). I just bought a sprint kart but noise monitoring at the track where Mark Webber (Jaguar F1) learnt to race could be a problem too. Tis the way of the world I guess?
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