forced to make 3k oil changes, what oil?

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Mar 30, 2003
Long Island, NY
I just bought a new Jeep Liberty Renegade. I also purchased an aftermarket 10/100k bumper to bumper warranty that requires me to maintain the Jeep according to the Severe schedule. Normally, I like run Mobil 1 Synthetic and change it according to the Normal schedule, even though I do a lot of short trips mixed wht high miles.

Question: since I MUST change my oil every 3k, should I just use Dino oil, blend, or synthetic? I drive about 18k/year, so there's a dollar difference here as well.

Oh, and I'd like to keep this KJ for a while and will occasionally off road with it.

Thanks in advance for any info provided.

With 3,000 mile changes, it is hard to cost justify synthetic oil. If it were me, I would just run a good dino oil. Pennzoil and Castrol GTX are popular choices on this forum. Down the road a bit you might want to run an auto-rx to keep things extra clean inside.
Because you MUST change at 3K mile intervals, take it to the dealer every 3K so all your records are there if any problem arise. After the first oil change at $24.99, you will get coupons for $19.99 oil changes. Do not bother with synthetics and such with 3K intervals. Another thing good about the dealer is that they inspect everything and you can get all recalls done and any warranty things they find, especially with an aftermarket 10/100 warranty. That aftermarket warranty mean big $$ for them because they pay full hourly rate and time, unlike Jeeps warranty.
Still more proof that after market warranties are almost always rip-offs. Not only is the markup more than 100% but they force you into unnecessary and expensive service schedule. IMHO any SL oil will easily do 3K.
Yeah those warranties almost never pay off. I always figure, if you're that worried about a big-ticket item going belly-up, what're you doing buying that vehicle?!

Ah well, since you're stuck with it, might as well use a decent dino oil unless you plan on flogging the truck without mercy.

Cheers, 3MP
The warranty is not a waste compared to the warranties offered by DMX. What can I say, I was concerned about the little things going wrong, like wipre motors, O2 sensors, electrical bugs, etc. I am less concerned about the drivetrain for purposes of a warranty.

So for $1k, I figured it's worth the piece of mind.

To answer your quesiton about the warranty, they do NOT require it to be serviced anywhere (deale3r, Jiffy Lube, or at home) in particulary. They simply will ask for receipts should an engine problem arise. They also state that EVERY receipt isn't required, but they do want to see that maintenance schedule B was followed. I suppose I could save oil receipts from my other car as well, but that would be dishonest.

I'll go with Dino oil every 3k. That's what I was leaning towards. Thanks folks.


Originally posted by digitaldrifter91:
question: will it void warranty of u don't change oil every 3k? how will they know?

What we all erroneously call an "extended warranty" is not a warranty at all! It is a pre-paid service contract or mechanical failure insurance policy. As with any contract, if you don't follow your requirements, don't expect the other side to follow their's. If it says that you must do certain things and document that you did so, well either you do that or you might as well wad up the contract and throw it away.

I would look at the "fine print" very closely. Otherwise use oil receipts from an other vehicle or a neighbor or relative's vehicle.

I would definately "cook the books"

As was mentioned this is a forced maintenance contract
Just take it to Wal-Mart for the $11.88 oil change special. Serves DC right for their stupidity. You can call the dealer anytime and have them run the VIN to find out if there have been any recalls.
lol yea check fine print...what if tehy only want u to use their oil then u void ur warrenty...but i was just guessing but somethign in there is a huge catch...and if they SAY give a reciept, get it in writing that they said it so that later they wont rip u off
Almost 11 years ago when the SVX 1st came out I bought a 7 yr./100K bumper-to-bumper aftermarket warranty with no deductable for $1,100. One of the provisions was that IF there were no claims on the warranty at the end of 7 yrs. or 100k (whichever came 1st) the entire price of the warranty was refunded.

Got my check for the $1,100 three days after the 7 yrs. expired: hit 100K on Saturday.

I don't know if they write 'em this way anymore, but it sure was a good deal for me!
Well not really related to oil changes but the extended warranty paid off on my Chevy truck.

During my 5/75,000 extended my fuel pump went out, tranny, and my differential. If it werent for that extra $1000 I paid I would have been out a lot more.
There are always a few vehicles out there that a warranty will "save the day" so to speak -- all manufacturers make the occasional lemon.

But, I bet if you look at all the cars you've owned and did an analysis of repair costs vs. warranty costs you'd find that in the long term buying extended warranties on your cars is pissing away a lot of money. This is especially true for warranties with a deductible. You'd be a lot better off putting $1000 in a savings account each time you buy a car.

I had a tranny rebuilt once, $1500 under factory warranty, but even INCLUDING that, in the long-term the warranties STILL don't work out. I've run many cars well beyond 100,000 miles and today's cars very rarely have big-ticket expenditures in the first 100k.

You know what the factory warranty was for my 1986 IROC-Z? 12 months or 12,000 miles.
I suppose you might have needed extended warranties in the "bad old days" but we are way past that now.

Rich, if I had your kind of luck I'd never buy a Chevy again.

Cheers, 3MP
For 3k change intervals that you do yourself, buy the cheapest oil that meets the owners manual's spec with any filter you choose to use and all should be OK. If going quickee lube joints, dealer is your best bet for wasting $25 every couple of months.

Whats the point of spending $20 for $5 worth of parts and work?

I say use synthetic oil with 5-6k change interval and borrow/save receipts from family and friends.

Check out for their technical data. Then go to the oil analysis section to check out the results.

Edited to add: If you want some Schaeffer's ask for a referral and someone here on the site will direct you to Schaeffer's Rep.

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