For those that use Group III "synthetic".....

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May 28, 2002
When you buy and knowningly use the Group III marketed "synthetic" oils, do you refer to it as using synthetic motor oil when the conversation comes up with friends, family, co-workers etc.? I ask cause if I used Group III for whatever reason and even if the bottle says "synthetic" on it, I still wouldn't tell people I use synthetic oil.
If you want to avoid inadvertently contributing grist to a pointless debate, just call your oil choice by its weight, brand name (and group number if anyone even asks) if pressed. Better yet, change the subject. Let the obsessive-compulsives square off and pummel each other. Other than Mobil 1 and the various niche brand synthetics that use PAOs, most (all?) current over-the-counter synthetics are formulated with Group III base stocks anyway. During the rennaisance, theologists argued endlessly about how many angels could dance on the head of a pin. Fast forward 600 years and look at what the current pointless debate topic is. My own view is that it's not synthetic. It's 36 angels... -Ray Haeffele
Not open for further replies.