For Sale in Nashville, TN: Honda Civic OEM Wheels, Snow Tires, All-Season Tires, Brand-New Floor Mats, K-Tuner

Jul 8, 2012
Nashville, TN via Memphis
In December, my wife was rear-ended in her 2018 Honda Civic, and the car was, unfortunately, deemed a total loss.

Up for sale are a few items we had left over after insurance bought back the car:

- Set of 4 OEM Genuine Honda 16” wheels with Continental VikingContact 7 winter tires mounted.

Wheel offset is 5x114.3, so they’ll fit other model year Honda Civics than just the 2018 model like they came on.

Tires only have 1280 miles, and more than 9/32” tread depth remaining (original tread depth listed by Continental @ 10/32”). I bought a set of 18” Civic Si wheels for the car from a friend for 3-season use, kept the car’s original wheels, and mounted winter tires for when the wife drove home to Northern Indiana during inclement winter weather. She only used the combo one time, netting 1280 miles total on the tires.

These tires are rated by practically every source as being outstanding in ice and snow, and being one of the best without making the jump to studded tires. The ride is excellent. I regret that I never got the opportunity to test them in snow and ice conditions, however, my wife said they were great during the one time she used them.

If you own a Civic, you know the front-wheel drive configuration enables good handling and traction in inclement weather, and these Continental VikingContact 7 winter tires make a Civic unstoppable in snow and ice conditions.

Price: $850 for wheels and tires.

- Set of 4 Hankook Kinergy GT OEM takeoffs.

These are the Grand Touring All-Season tires that came with the car and only have 14,585 miles on them. I took them off after buying a set of 18” wheels for the wife’s Civic. The tires were rotated for even wear, and have 6/32” (about 66%) tread depth remaining (original tread depth: 9-10/32”). Good handling in dry, wet, and even snow/ice (I had some seat time driving the car with these tires mounted during snow and ice conditions).

Price: $300.

- K-Tuner ECU Programmer for Gen-10 Civic

This is a Bluetooth-equipped, OBD-II interface ECU re-flash device for the 10th-Generation Honda Civic. It allows control of the turbo boost, fueling, and ignition timing, allowing custom tuning and large (but safe) increases in horsepower and torque. Using it with the wife’s Civic, we gained over 30 WHP/60 WTQ. Very easy to use, with app, and great support from the company.

Price: $380.

- OEM Civic Carpeted Floor Mat Set (never used).

The factory, carpeted floor mat set from her Civic. Never used, still in plastic, since her car also came with rubber all-weather floor mats. With lock-down points, black in color.

Price: $60.

Total for everything: $1550.

Obviously local pickup would be ideal, but I’m willing to ship, if you pay shipping costs.
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Jul 8, 2012
Nashville, TN via Memphis
Snow/winter tires on alloys? You're a braver man than I am, I would corrode those here & have rim leaks in no time! That is a good winter tread pattern, though.
That’s interesting. Being a Southerner, I never considered that possibility.

We really just got those to use a couple of times per year, when the wife drove back up north.

Knowing what I know now, though, these were overkill. They’re serious snow tires, designed for low temperatures and lots of snow and ice. Honestly you really don’t want to be driving on them very much in temps above about 50°.

Some of the “all-weather” category of tires would have probably suited us better for our needs - better snow and ice performance than an all-season, but can be left on year-round.
Oct 9, 2004
Cincinnati, OH, USA
Trust me, you ever get in a serious ice storm (would think a rarity in Southern "Crashville"), those studless snows are worth their weight in gold! Especially for a driver (like my wife in her xB) that isn't used to driving in icy weather.