For Mopar guys.

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Jan 21, 2005
Charlotte, NC
I would like this thread to be a pole about oil usage with the Chrysler 3.3/3.8 V6 pushrod engine as used in Mopar minivans and some Chrysler/Dodge cars. My experiance and that of friends is that these engines use little or no oil between changes. My wife's GC 3.3 at 80K miles Uses no oil between changes and never has. My son's 94 GC 3.3 used 1200 miles/qt. when purchased at 182K miles. After fixing a couple of leaks and doing an A-RX treatment it now uses less then a qt. in 1800 miles. It is now in a 2nd. A-RX treatment. I expect it to use less then a Qt. in 2500-3000 miles. For you Mopar guys, what oil mileage are you getting?
Mom drives a 2002 Town and Country with the V6. Dad gets the oil changed at the dealer and they use castrol 5w30. The van has about 50K miles on it and right now it's got 3500 miles on this oil change and it's about 1/4 qt low. The van sees mostly in-town driving, this oil change has seen 2 road trips of about 600 miles each. Seems pretty decent to me! Mom loves her T&C and prefers it to Dads brand new Avalon. My sister is on her 3rd Dodge van and she is incredibly hard on them. 1 dodge prospector with a straight 6 (i think) and 2 dodge caravans. My brother in law changes the oil at approx 5000 mile intervals with the cheapest 5w30 he can find at walmart. The first 2 vans went about 150K before they were sold (running fine when sold) and the new 2005 van already has 30K on it in a year with no problems at all and no oil usage. The stright 6 did use a little oil from a leaking head-gasket, but the second and third vans used no noticable amount of oil. I've been very impressed with all of them.
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