Foaming Oil got me worried/bamboozled

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Jun 19, 2003
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
I have '96 Saab 900S (4cyl. non turbo) recently I got some Agip 10W-40 "Sybthetic Blend" $5 canadian/1L but the oil seems to have some foaming issues everytime I check the oil level when the engine is just warm 2-3km trip I see bubbles on the dipstick about the size of poppy seeds. I this normal? Because after harder driving and a much longer trip something like 30km(~20 miles) the oil does not seem to have bubbles in it. Should I dump the oil? o
The first thing I would check is the oil level, make sure you're not overfilled; the foaming oil would be an indication of an overfilled crankcase.
This may seem like an odd question but humor it none the less. Do you shake your oil for a few seconds before you spin the cap off and pour in into your crankcase? The reason I ask I had an issue which could be unrelated but might not be. The engines on an aircraft were having foam issues and it was traced to the anti-foam ingredients were settled out. The oil can or bottle sets in storage somewhere for a long time and things settle out so a few seconds of shakin' may save you some trouble. Hope this helps [Cheers!]
Hmmm... come to think of it the bottles had been sitting im my basement for one year and no I hadn't given them a shake before they went in the crank case. Thanks I guess I should change out the oil as soon as I can .
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