Fluids For an Audi TT 1.8 Turbo

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Oct 17, 2002
I have just purchased a 2001 Audi TT 1.8T. I am not sure what fluids to put into it but I am looking for synthetic. I have heard that 5w-40 is good but would like to get some advice from those here. I am not going to let the dealerships do much work due to the overpricing. thanks in advance.
Oils to consider: German Castrol Syntec 0w-30, Mobil 1 0w-40 and SUV 5w-40, VW Dealer 5w-40 Syntec from Belgium, Syntec 5w-50, Motul Excess 5w-40. A few Amsoil and RedLine Products are made for your car too and work well. (If you want to go that route)
I've had excellent results running the Amsoil 10w-30 and now 0w-30 in my 2002 Audi TT roadster, with the 225 Hp version of this engine. I like them both better than the Amsoil 10w-40 I first tried when I got this vehicle last year. I'm seeing about 3% higher fuel efficiency with the 0w-30 than I did with the 10w-40 and oil consumption is exactly the same - approx 1/4 qt every 3000 miles. I don't see any advantage of running anything heavier than a 10w-30 in this motor, even if you live in an extremely hot climate. If I was using Mobil 1 in my vehicle, I'd run their 10w-30 year round, with a 6k-8k change interval, depending in the severity of driving conditions. The OEM transmission fluid is a GL-4 75w-90 synthetic that does only has to be changed about every 100k miles. Both the Amsoil Series 2000 gear lube and the Redline MT-90 gear lube work very well in this application. The OEM coolant is a excellent, long life product that I'd change whenever the timing belt gets changed in your engine - say every 60k to 90k miles. The OEM power steering fluid is a PAO/Ester based synthetic. There is no change interval recommended, but it's a good idea to suction the fluid out of the reservior every 75,000 miles and refill it. Run the car for a week and repeat this process. Do this about three times and the fluid will clean up considerably. This will extend the life of your PS pump and all the seals in the system .... The wheel bearings on this vehicle are sealed and do not require any normal servicing .... I buy common replacement parts @ www.audiquattroparts.com. Tooslick www.lubedealer.com/Dixie_Synthetics
I agree with TS. I like the ATM 10w-30 analysis he had. Very good oil.
I run a number of 1.8T street and race cars on Redline 5w40. -ZERO- consumption over 7k mile intervals. A normal street 1.8T would be better served with a 30wt as Tom points out. M1 5w30 is a cheap and effective solution in this case, as well as GC 030, and Amsoil. Enjoy. -Mike P
suction the fluid out of the reservior
TS-it is an easy flush job. Just disconnect the return line on the bottom of the res (after dismounting it)and crank until clean fluid (Pentosin CHF 11S) runs through. A must-do service, that stuff comes out nas-ty. On old cars that use ATF like our 18 y/o Coupe GT, Maxlife ATF is prefered. I used Pennzoil "Universal" Syn ATF and might add some ARX to it. TT is a probable replacment for that oldie. Would I buy a used car from TooSlick? [bowdown] [ May 26, 2004, 01:00 PM: Message edited by: Audi Junkie ]
I've been running Valvoline Synpower 5W 40 since new. Now have 115,000 mi. on a 99' Passat 1.8T. Usually run about 8,000 miles on a change. You might be able to go a bit longer since they made the sump a bit larger on later models. My UOA is on here from about a year ago at 100,000 miles--Blackstone said engine was like new!
TooSlick and everyone, thanks for the info. I will be using Mobil1 10w-30 exclusively in this car. I let the dealer( Tischer Audi ) do the maintanance. It is a **** of a lot different than turning wrenches on my Durango and I don't have the time anymore. I have the TT Quattro 225 HP Roadster 2001. I am going to have this car for a long time. I just purchased the shop manual on CD and have to load it on my computer to view it. How do you all like the Audi's you own. This is my first and I am trying to gather some info. TooSlick that web site is great!! I am going to go through it now.
I've used Amsoil s2k in my 2003 Audi A4 1.8TQ and noticed it was very quiet and smooth at idle. The GC (German Castrol) 0W-30 I am using right now has louder valvetrain noises than did the s2k, and the rpms don't settle as quick.. But we'll see how the analysis comes. From what the engine sounds like when cold the Amsoil Series 2000 or Series 3000 gets my vote... the s3k has better additives.
I have a 2001 TT Quatro with the 1.8T and have always used M1 0W-40 with great success and never a drop consumed after my 5K OCI with Auto crosses mixed in. THis time the dealer who did the 40K oil change for free gave me Syntec 5W-50 for free as I always bring the service guys Krispy Kremes, and I don't like it as much. The car does not start as smoothly and makes more noise. It also does not rev as quickly. I will be going back to M1 at 45K and never accept anything else again. OT - Does everyone else seem to go through tires like every 20K miles?? I'm on my third set [Roll Eyes] !!!
20K miles is about average I'd say for a set of high perf. summer tires, especially if some auto-crosses were mixed in there.
I got 25k out of the Michelin Pilot Sports on my 2002 Audi TT roadster and am currently running the Sumitomos in a 225/45ZR/17. Tread wear is 360, with A/A traction and temp. I'm very happy with these tires in terms of handling, noise and wet weather performance - and they were $500.00 less than a set of Michelins. I have about 10,000 miles on these and they are wearing much better than the Michelins. The specific tire is the HTR+ and you can find them at NTB or The Tire Rack ....The guys at NTB have also been installing these on lots of 350Z's and have gotten good reports back from those as well. TS
I am currently running Cooper Zeons 225/45/17 which are AA/A Trac/temp. rated with a wear rating of 280. I have about 5K miles on them so far and they still look new. I have not auto X on them yet but driving in the street, they seem to grip very well wet and dry.
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