Fluid Capacity of a typical car's power steering

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Apr 10, 2004
Herndon, VA
How much fluid is used in the power steering system of a typical passenger car? I am changing the fluid in my 2003 Lexus GS430 by syphoning the reservoir empty, and refilling it repeatedly, and was trying to figure out how many times I need to repeat this procedure. None of the manuals I have (for this or any of my vehicles) indicate this. I'm guessing it's probably only a couple of quarts...What say you?
I used less than a quart of ATF when I flushed my Corolla the first time. That's including fluid to top the reservoir. I could tell when the system was completely flushed because the factory PSF was an amber color.
One of two amounts: just enough you have to open a second bottle of fluid fvor the final ounce and a half, or not QUITE enough to take a whole bottle, so you now have three ounces of PS fluid in a quart bottle kicking around. smile (Isn't that how these things usually work?)
I used 1 quart Maxlife PSF in my E430, I siphoned and refilled reservoir several times over several days, each day I siphoned and refilled 5-6 oz.
When I replaced the high pressure P/S line in my wifes' Lexus last summer, I beleive I added every bit of one quart of ATF to the P/S system. I may have opened another qt just to add a bit.
Seems like the total capacity of a car's power steerinf system is about 1 quart, but to actually get it nice and clean requires replacing 2 quarts.
Mine took almost a pint, after I siphoned it out....plan on doing the siphon method every 3k.....to get the fluid fresh....though it really didn't look all that bad.....
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