Fleet and farm store shoppers?

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Mar 12, 2015
In the shop
Good afternoon and I didn't know where to post this. How many of you folks shop at Mills Farm and Fleet, Orachelins, Blaine's and Rural King often? The girlfriend and I went to the Rieal King near our place and we got a couple cases of their conventional. Wish I lived in the Midwest where the other farm and fleet stores seem to be at.
Orscheln, Feldman's (local to KC area) and Tractor Supply Co (TSC). Used to shop at local COOP stores, but they are fewer in number and more inconvenient. Grew up in southern Missouri, where shopping at the local MFA exchange was a normal shopping experience.
I was at a Blain's Farm and Fleet this morning and bought a set of Cooper CS5 Touring tires.... Buy 3, Get 1 free. The Blain's is about 15 minutes away, and I have a Rural King about 15 minutes away as well.
Bullwinkle: +1 as wish those two were near me especially when I believe Orachelins has the $1.99 sale on Trop Artic smile
I've been to Orscheln twice this weekend and once to TSC. Orscheln had their Trop Artic for $1.89 this weekend and I fought the urge to buy any both times. All they was 5w-20 (about 5 cases.). Someone bought all the 5w-30 they had.
I actually made a detour on a trip to Chicago through Kankakee, IL to hit a Blain's to buy a 5 gallon drum of Mystik JT-8 10W30 HDEO for $55, impossible to find those prices here-and it's even cheaper when they have a sale!
All we have locally here is RK and TSC. Shop both frequently. Just had a Family Farm and Fleet open close by. Not as interesting. Have been known to monitor the Orscheln's (minor road trip) and Blain's ads (major road trip) and take such trips if I find enough deals in the ad to make it worth my while.
I used to go to TSC and Big R (basically Rural King) quite a bit when I had animals. Bought about 300 lbs of feed at a time. Not so much now, but I find myself going there a few times a year for random stuff. They do have great prices on grade 8 bolts.
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