Fixed squeaking/clunking noises from my Ford Contour

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May 7, 2004
Nokesville, VA
It was making a squeaking sound from the rear, when I went over bumps or so much as accelerated or braked slightly. It was also making a slight clunking noise going over bumps too. It had recently started with the squeaking, and the clunking had been going on for 9 months or so.

It took almost 10 years and 120,000 miles for it to start happening, but the squeaking noise was really starting to annoy me.

So, today, I did something about them.

I crawled under there to find out what was squeaking (I suspected the swaybar bushings), and sure enough, it was the swaybar bushings. I could feel the swaybar vibrating when I pushed up on the car to unload the suspension a little.

I removed the swaybar bushings, which are a U-shaped rubber piece that goes inbetween the swaybar and a metal bracket, cleaned them and the metal brackets in soap and water, dried them off, and then applied a liberal amount of silicone dielectric grease to the rubber pieces, the brackets, and the swaybar itself. I chose silicone dielectric grease because (1) I already had some, (2) I know it's safe for rubber parts, and (3) It's very water-resistant (try washing it off your hands).

I put everything back together and took it for a test-drive. Not only is the squeaking gone, but so is the clunking.

It's amazing that something so simple can fix such an annoying noise.

I only wish I'd thought to shove some cardboard under the car before I scraped my elbow on the concrete driveway....
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