"Fixed" my daughters rug shampooer today

Apr 12, 2009
Loaned my rug cleaner to my daughter the other day. Got a text this morning stating that the machine wasn't working. Because of the problem she watched a few U Tube videos about potential problems with the machine and how to fix them. None worked. So she went to the manufacturers web site and went through their problem solving check list but to no avail. So I told her I would stop by and look at it. She said she was going to Home Depot to rent one. I said no, it is my machine and I want to see the problem. Upon arrival she started it up and and showed me the issue. No flow from the detergent tank. She said she had tried for half an hour to clean one small area. She had some detergent pre mixed and I asked her for it. I could hardly keep a straight face. I dumped it into the empty tank and it worked as it should. She felt so stupid but it sure was funny. My wife and I are still laughing about it.
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LOL. Not sure what brand the machine is, but Rug Doctor use to be home town company here. They were known for sturdy machines and we bought one of the commercial units and used it plenty when my kids were.....well kids......they are all adults now in age......well you know. Also all of the dogs we had also gave it a workout and I am happy to report that it is still going strong. My favorite use for it is cleaning car seats at least once per year. I am amazed at the dirt that comes out of them when they appear on the surface to be clean.
How many top techs have tried to figure out why a engine won't stay running after a shot of carb cleaner. Only to find a no gas code.