Fish Fry!

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Jan 4, 2006
North Arkansas
Have one of three houseboats at our marina. Been talking about a fish fry for couple months,,so Saturday eve. we got together. Fried ****pie and Waleye filets in peanut oil with southern hushpuppies, green onions,brown beans,fried potatoes. Good lord ever made anything better he kept it for himself!

Just about ain't nottin better than ****pie and perch fillets. Good times!!!
I steam my fish and boil peanut oil/1Tsp sesame oil and pour it over with covered green onions.

Always does the trick...Enjoy!
I love fish and I'd really like to try ****pie, but I'm not sure what it is. I doubt I can go to the fish market and ask for quadruple asterik pie. Can somebody please paraphrase ****pie for me?
Congrats on the fish fry, it's been a *long* time since I had one. (hint hint
)Sounds like great eats indeed. Store-bought fish can never match fresh-caught.

Didn't realize you had waleye in N AR, thought they began farther north. Shows what I know!

FWIW: Down here in NE TX, some folks still call craaaapie "white perch".
Fry fish???? Why do Americans want to fry fish not to mention chcken when grilling/roasting is so much better and healthier and tastier? And mori is right what on earth is **** pie?
First of all be careful with the generalizations, Sprintman. Please, don't lump all American together.

Not sure you have had REAL home cooked fried chicken anyway. Grilling or roasting might be healthier, but certainly NOT tastier. The occasional fried dinner will not kill you, anyway.

c-r-a-ppie is a species of freshwater fish.

Originally posted by Pablo:
I've never seen any fresh ****pie in the supermarket.

I've, of course, caught ****pie from the poop deck.

One could fill in the **** several ways. Sometimes the net-nanny software is good for a laugh.
"Fry fish???? " Oh, yes!!! My wife likes me to grill fish because of calories. I grill them for her, but, I won't eat them.
Perch is like c r a p p i e's cousin and tastier IMO. You can likely find yellow perch at the store on occasion. MMMMMMMMM tasty. I have a freezer full of yellow perch from a recent trip to Green Bay with my uncle.

Here's a pic of a craaapie


Even here in the good ole boy deep south we also grill fish, smoke fish, bake fish. this time we all wanted them FRIED!

Never presume to tell you how to cook a 'roo or a crock? alligator? whatever. Simply posted to tell all how good it was.


Never dreamed nany net? would censor fish name, but since it did you guys are welcome to have a good time with it.
Wife and daughter are surprising me tonight with seafood from local seafood cafe. All I know is it will be grilled. Hope they choose oily fish. Ain't no Alligators here, plenty crocs though. Chilli Croc burgers....yum!
I did some catfish fried in cornmeal one day...was pretty flash.

Need to find more catfish, although with Oz dams ranging from 3 to 29% capacity, I think lungfish are more likely.
I used to catch croppie by the thousands, and eat them by the hundreds about 10 years ago. That is an excellent eating fish, but very delicate and low in fat. I would fillet them, skin them, and remove the rib cage and the pesky vertical bones at a rate of about 2 fish per minute.

Deep frying them is the way to go. I would dry the fillets bone dry, then spinkle with garlic salt and pepper, then dust with minimal flour. Once the peanut oil reached 375degF I would start a timer at 1minute and 45seconds and drop the fillets in largest to smallest. There was never much of any oil remaining on the fillets when I pulled them out since the surface skinned over hard.

As for catfish Shannow, leave them rippin' in the oil for about 10 minutes with corn meal batter if they are the farm bred variety. Natives can take a minute or two less. If tuna is chicken of the sea, catfish is chicken of the lake. Steer clear of the lungfish!
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